Dr. Hanna Massad & Christan Mission to Gaza

Dr. Hanna Massad, founder and president of the Christian Mission to Gaza was born in Gaza City and worked at a private hospital for four years before God called him into the ministry.  For twelve years he was the pastor at Gaza Baptist Church.  After the murder of his friend and fellow church member, Hanna and his family, along with eight other families, evacuated from Gaza.

Christian Mission to Gaza (CMG) is one of a few Christian organizations among two million Muslims in one of the poorest and most densely populated areas of the world.  The Gaza Strip is about the size of Las Vegas and is home to more than 3,000 people packed in each square mile.  Forty-five percent of the population are children under 14 and only three percent live past 65.  Electricity is only available four hours a day, less than ten percent of the water is drinkable and thirty percent of the people live below the $1.90 a day poverty line.  Gaza Baptist is the only Evangelical Church.

CMG works with more than a thousand Iraqi families and Syrian refugee families in Amman, Jordan.  When he Islamic State invaded Mosul, more than 100,000 Christians fled their homes.  Iraqi refugees are not allowed to work, making them desperate for rent, school, food and medical care.  Pastor Hanna and his team help these families meet their physical needs and minister to their damaged spirits and souls.

Dr. Massad travels to Gaza and Jordan three times a year to support their church and provide help to 1,000 Iraqi refugee families in Jordan and ministers Syrian refugees.  When not in Gaza and Jordan, Dr. Massad travels throughout the world to share stories of the refugee families and raise awareness and support for the cause.

Here Are Some of Stories of the Families in Need